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Bomber Aguyra - 01

Bomber Aguyra - 01
Bomber Aguyra - 01
Bomber Aguyra - 01
Bomber Aguyra - 01
Bomber Aguyra - 01

Bomber made from the art work Aguyra. This version is the most faithful and representative of the art work itself. It is made in the requested size, it is a unique piece in the world, only one customer can buy it. A code on the product will indicate the DNA of the work and will retain the customer's name.

Unique piece accompanied by the original work Aguyra by maurizio bellesso.

Work realized with digital graphics, printed on canvas and completed with acrylic and 3d painting.

The author of the work is Maurizio Bellesso, who in his works represents the personification of human emotions and their evolution.

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