il progetto Riborn

la strategia di contribuire ad un futuro più sostenibile


The Riborn project stems from the desire to contribute to a more sustainable future. Riborn therefore takes shape through the encounter of art & creativity and the participation of community members.

Come nasce l'idea

in sintesi come ha avuto inizio l’avventura Riborn…

By repeating ourselves … everything comes from the desire to enhance individual sacredness and celebrate it through “Art & Creativity” to create artisan fashion and “Made in Italy“. Art to collect and live in everyday life.

From the desire to enhance individual skills, such as creativity and ingenuity, is born the mission of RIborn, “creating art to wear and collect“.

Riborn is also and above all a community, a project to collaborate, for shared success, to create employment, to realize the opportunity to be reborn.

La Filosofia del progetto Riborn

In un semplice concetto tutto il significato di una scelta imprenditoriale e di vita.

Riborn” is the opportunity to be reborn, an opportunity for everyone to acquire new skills and enhance those already achieved.

We thus describe the meaning of being reborn in Riborn:

  • to be reborn as people capable of expressing creativity and ingenuity;
  • to be reborn from exile in which the social system banishes the over 50s and the youngest;
  • to be reborn as women capable of affirming entrepreneurial skills and intuition;
  • reborn to be an evolving community;
  • reborn as a capacity to regenerate products and ideas.

In this desire for rebirth “art and creativity” are the tools to enhance individual sacredness.

The Riborn project business strategy

a strategy made of few but essential values

Simplicity is part of the way of being and doing and this aspect is reflected in the very business strategy of the Riborn project, which is characterized by few but essential values.


1) Creativity and design

Creative and innovative proposals in graphics, design, shapes, colors and product features.


2) Made in Italy production

The entire production chain is managed in the territory, with the aim of enhancing and promoting the ingenuity and creativity of a style entirely Made in Italy abroad.


3) Handmade Production

The return to the enhancement of ancient crafts and entirely handmade production whose value is given precisely by a meticulous production oriented to the highest quality to give life to artistic works in unique products to live but also to collect.


4) Creating jobs and shared success

The project aims to create employment and entrepreneurial opportunities, so that the success of the project can become a “shared success“.

Positioning and commercial strategy

a small niche to satisfy demanding expectations

The product of art and fashion is located in a niche of the upper range, the one that particularly characterizes the “Sartoriale” productions made up of an artistic added value.

The commercial strategy, in order to better reach the specific niche target, is proposed with an international e-commerce portal, where the customer can choose and obtain a garment with an artistic and customized value, with the highest degree of exclusivity.

In addition to the On-Line availability, there will also be a placement, albeit limited to a few exclusive partners, also in the “Retail” for a direct contact with a particularly demanding and exclusive clientele.

To support dissemination and visibility, web marketing and communication activities through the most widespread social platforms, and of course through the Riborn community.


participates in the acquisition of shares,

to be involved and the protagonist of a shared success

The invitation is to join the Riborn community, not as a simple visitor, but as a protagonist for a shared success.

We invite you to consult the section for the acquisition of quotas. We are waiting for you. Thank you.