how the RIBORN fashion shop works

The Riborn shop can be very similar to any other traditional e-commerce, as the project presentation methods and the request and purchase process are in themselves identical.

In reality it is in fact completely different from any other commercial structure, there is no warehouse.

Each order is nothing but a reservation for a product that will be unique and exclusive the purchase order is the beginning of the creation of a unique artistic and craft work.


to discover products that are unique works

Inside the “RIBORN SHOP” platform you can discover the countless creations available. Works of designers, creatives and artists who, through the professionalism of skilled and expert craftsmen, make unique works available.

You can search for what you want in different ways:

  • Search by keyword “eg bag or t-shirt or more”
  • Search by product category
  • Search by designer or artist
  • By selecting the work of your interest, you will be able to learn about every aspect of the design and implementation that will follow your request.

Some articles, due to their intrinsic peculiarity, will be matched to ensure a unique and highly effective “Fashion” image.


what happens when you order in the Riborn Craft Fashion Shop

After choosing the work of your interest you will be able to complete your request, exactly as in any e-commerce.

You will enter your data for the execution and delivery of what you have ordered.

You will pay online through secure circuits that will guarantee the operation. Once executed your payment will be frozen and awaiting execution. At the end of the production, the payment will be collected at the same time as the delivery phase.

Despite all the productions are on specific request, we offer the customer the maximum protection as indicated in the “Refunds and Refunds” guide.



your data during the purchase will determine your unique code

Upon completion of your request, a unique code and QRcode will be produced which will constitute the DNA of your work.

The code not only guarantees exclusive uniqueness, but also gives ownership of the purchased work to all effects.

The possibility of following the work over time and the related attribution steps ensure the maintenance of the artistic value, which is destined to grow over time.