Not just a Product

unique creations that combine creativity and ingenuity with commitment to contribute to a more eco-sustainable future

We love to repeat that it is not just a product, but rather a unique work, as each item created is unique and exclusive.

The production is neither serial nor industrial, but completely dedicated to each individual piece each time, combining the creativity of the designers with the skilled ingenuity of artisans who create every creation with sartorial meticulousness.

Specially made and recycled materials are used to spread the culture of respect for the environment and to contribute to the realization of a more sustainable future.

not a product but a creative work

The uniqueness of each work is further highlighted by the specific unique code, which contains all the information regarding the product:

  • Designer
  • Creation date
  • Unique code of the design used
  • Materials used
  • Craftsmen who made the article
  • Name of the customer who requested the work.

All this to describe and trace the uniqueness of what has been achieved.



An example of how each product is traced and described

Those who choose to buy a work by the designers of Riborn do it because they want a unique product to enhance their uniqueness.

It is not available in large-scale distribution, but only online and at the few selected sales outlets. Each item is made specifically for the customer who requested it.

Works to live and to collect, and as creations of artists and designers, are destined to increase their value over time.



what happens after your request for a work?

When you submit your request, a long journey begins, necessary to make your order a unique work. Let’s see below what happens and the indicative times for the various stages of development.

1) Reception of your request

As soon as your request is received, the unique code is activated which will identify your work.

The various stages of development will be examined and all the professionals responsible for the implementation will be involved, starting from the designer who will verify the uniqueness of the creative proposal reserved for you.

In a short time you will be sent a communication indicating the estimated time required for implementation, formulating a forecast of delivery dates.

Since this is an artisanal process that involves countless figures and passages, it is impossible to formulate certain predictions, as there are innumerable unforeseeable factors, which can cause a shift in the dates originally indicated.
Constant information will be kept on the progress and any updates to the delivery date.

2) Printing and preparation of materials

Each creation is a unique work for which the materials and fabrics that will be used for production are specially prepared.

The process of printing, preparation and selection of all the necessary components takes on average between 10 and 15 days.

3) Realization

With the availability of all the necessary components, therefore materials and fabrics made specifically, we move on to the realization of the work.

Everything is made by craftsmen and every detail is carefully hand-finished, with the sole purpose of making each item unique and special.

The average times are approximately between 10 and 15 days except for an overabundance of requests that could generate slowdowns to always guarantee the highest quality.

4) Packaging and shipping

Once the work is completed, the quality check is carried out and then the packaging for the shipment, reporting to the customer, the delivery times provided by the courier in charge.


but essential for those who want to affirm their uniqueness and passion for art and creativity