Art Designer Maurizio Bellesso

Maurizio Bellesso was born in Treviso on 7 February 1966. Creative in nature, from a young age he dedicated himself to the creation of graphic works on paper, using mixed techniques.

After military training and a professional period in the armed forces, he continued his studies in graphic design, transforming his skills into a profession.

To the graphic skills, paths are integrated in marketing, communication and psychology.

It produces numerous brands for companies and products, following the communication and marketing of important companies, touching on the most disparate sectors of production and services.

As creative with multifaceted interests, he is dedicated to creating professional manuals and writing novels. Further expands skills and interests in communication and video editing.

The creative and artistic passion is a common thread that permeates the whole professional path, and that is transformed with the realization of the Riborn project, in an initiative to increase the visibility of artists and creatives and what is even more important to transform the art commonly collected in fashion works to wear as well as to collect.

In addition to the personal collections, distributed through the Riborn Store, it creates collections of creative and original fabrics for companies in the textile and fashion sector, always faithful to an indomitable spirit without limits.


The favorite quote:

Everyone knows that one thing cannot be realized, until one arrives who does not know and realizes it. (cit. Albert Einstein)