Akyry by Maurizio Bellesso


colors and signs of emotions that take shape

Akyry by maurizio bellesso.

The work is made digitally, with a graphic pen on iPad, then printed on canvas in 100 x 100 format. On the printed realization, some parts and details are painted with acrylic colors and 3d embossed pigments.

The work is unique and coded with a QR Code that provides some additional information reserved for the owner of the work.

From the reworking of the work, the author has created fabrics to produce unique pieces of clothing.

The work is collected in the author’s catalog available on request.

The author does not describe the work, to leave a greater freedom of interpretation. As in any work, the freedom to describe emotions in signs, shapes and colors prevails. Present and recurrent elements in many of the author’s works are eyes and smiles in their infinite variations. The color choices and combinations describe the flow of the emotion of the moment. The set builds a visible emotional personification.

The name of the work is unique as the work itself wants to be, as if to identify the emotion of the specific moment lived and thus represented in the work.